Information Security

Securing the information assets of your enterprise has never been so important or so complex. The past ten years have seen a large increase in the number of security threats, vulnerabilities, and regulations affecting the enterprise, while the number of security measures to address these issues has grown just as quickly.

NTT Solutions offers a framework we call "Layered security in depth" to assist you as you build the right security platform for your organization. We break down enterprise security into four spheres that encompass a pro-active game plan to secure your enterprise and maintain compliance with government and industry regulations.

Threat Protection

The Threat Protection sphere consists of those security measures that actively protect assets against harmful attack. These controls, such as technologies like firewalls or anti-virus software, are often the first things that come to mind when people think about information security.

Risk Reduction

The second sphere Risk Reduction entails proactively addressing security issues before they can impact the organization. Just as security risks can arise from numerous sources, there are a wide range of Risk Reduction solutions. While some of these are technology based, many of these are process and skill-driven efforts:

Policy & Secure Access

The third sphere addresses the rules within the framework securing your data and network access. Policy and organization is driven by the business requirements of an organization providing access to only those applications that employees, contractors and clients have the rights to access. NTT Solutions helps you to design policies and access to allow you to share data securely using the appropriate solutions whether it designing secure VPN or setting up required authentication and encryption or developing effective remote access solutions.

Monitoring & Activity Control

Security is a difficult area to wrap your arms around because threats regulations and business needs are constantly evolving. Effective security is about more than just eliminating threats; it also requires logging and regulating actions that can affect productivity, liability, and availability. The Activity Control and Monitoring domain covers solutions that can capture noteworthy behavior and if necessary modify it.

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